Queen Anne Towing Company

Car problems?

Can’t get to where you have to go?

There might be a tow truck, maybe near by too. You just need to call.

What a Tow Operator Can Do For WA Drivers

  • 24/7 towing near Lower Queen Anne
  • Flat tire repair
  • Dead car battery jump starts
  • Car lock-outs
  • Out-of-gas deliveries

Your Local Driver

You might have passed these trucks on the road before.

Choose a friendly, local company that has assisted lots of stuck drivers during the last few years.

Maybe you will never need to contact a local towing service, but when you do need to, it is easy to get it arranged.

Ready For Your Call

Vehicle Being Transported to a Mechanic

We know that awful feeling of the inability to simply get in our car and go where we want to go.

Nobody likes to sit in a parking lot or at the side of the road watching for their tow truck to show up, so your towing service does anything they can to cut down on your waiting time.

Most tow trucks are current and safe.

The operators are knowledgeable and careful with your car.

In King County, there are regulations tow drivers should consider.

Local drivers always observe all the legal and safety guidelines.

The majority of service calls need the tow service to actually pick up and relocate the car or truck.

But in some other instances, they can actually repair the problem right there.

They will frequently fix flat tires, boost a dead battery, supply some gas or get open a locked vehicle.

Affordable Towing near Queen Anne

In case you’re stranded as a result of mechanical issue or accident, someone can drive over and meet you on the street or in the parking area where you are.

He will get your vehicle going again, or will properly haul it where you want it to be.

Professional truck operators will work on your car or truck with respect.

Your safety and your vehicle’s safety are their priority.

Dead Battery Jump Start Near Westlake

Thinking you’ve got a dead battery?

Car or truck will not start? Doesn’t make any sound at all as you attempt to start it?

Once your driver hooks his charger battery up to yours, your car should start right away.

Then, while the motor runs, the motor will charge up the battery to the proper degree.

Whenever a car still won’t start up while getting jump started, then the actual trouble probably is someplace else in the starting system.

In a situation like this, your driver will move the car to a car repair shop that you select.

Are You Out of Gas?

It really shouldn’t come up, but it can.

We neglect the gas gauge and we run out of gas. It can happen.

This can be the easiest car problem to get sorted out.

Your tow driver will have additional gas with him. He will add some into your tank and you can get on the road again.

Fixing a Flat Tire

Flat tires are a pain.

Someone might be able to take off your bad one and put on your spare.

Or, in a few cases, someone could inflate your low one just enough so you can make it to a tire retailer and have it fixed.

There are instances when you will find that you cannot put your spare on and instead need to move your vehicle somewhere else to have the tire removed and fixed or replaced.

Vehicle Unlocking

Realizing you locked your keys in the car is a bad feeling.

But there are vehicle lock-out services.

Car locksmiths and some tow truck operators have the ability to get into many locked autos.

They have the tools and the training to accomplish it.

It often takes a little luck, but most locked vehicles can get unlocked.

Don’t Need an Emergency Tow – Just Want to Set up One for Later?

You may own a vehicle which isn’t running right and you can’t drive it.

You may choose a date and time for a truck to swing by, pick it up and transport it to whichever auto repair shop or mechanic you choose.

Is there some vehicle on your property that you wish wasn’t there?

If you don’t own it, do you know what to do? Call and talk about it.

Who Will Be Your Queen Anne Towing Service?

The quest of any tow company is to either have you and your vehicle on the highway soon, or move your auto someplace where it will end up fixed.

Many times motorists have a problem with their car, but they do not know which shop they should move it to.

Your tow driver will know of some decent, affordable mechanics.

If you can’t operate your car because of physical damage created by an accident, the responsible insurance adjuster will probably have suggestions on where they want you to take the car.

If you haven’t decided on which repair shop to get your car taken to yet, your driver has done this kind of thing before and he has heard of the biggest repair shops in the community.

Too Little Cash in Your Wallet?

Most car owners pay with a credit card. No problem.

Prices are set up in advance except for the amount of miles for the tow.

There are set charges and mileage charges.

The Fastest Tow Around Town

Nearly all tow drivers are currently assisting other WA car owners right now.

So their time of arrival to you can vary contingent on where they are now.

Your tow operator will try to get to your location right away.

His assignment is to get your car going or take your car to where it can get fixed.

The Areas of Central Seattle Which are Covered

If your auto is within the city, a tow professional can most likely give you a hand.

Tow drivers repeatedly get to Lower Queen Anne, Westlake and the 98119 and 98109 zip codes.


Typical Service Area

Helping out drivers in Queen Anne, Lower Queen Anne, Westlake or the 98119 and 98109 zips.


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