Mercer Island Towing Service

Is a vehicle problem spoiling your day?

A truck and driver are not too far away from you. Maybe they could help.

Washington Motorists Want These Services

  • Any hour towing throughout King County
  • Jump start your dead battery and get your car started
  • Take off a flat tire and put on your spare
  • Provide gas when you run out
  • Unlock your locked car when your keys are inside

Call Someone You Can Trust

Unless you are new to the city, you may have witnessed one of these trucks helping out somewhere around town.

Find a helpful, local business that has helped out many stranded drivers over the past few years.

We understand the anxiety of vehicle problems and needing a tow or some other support. Find someone wanting to help out.

Able to Help – All Hours

Vehicle Being Transported to a Mechanic

If you’re in a situation where you either can’t actually get in your car or truck or you can’t make it go, everybody knows how inconvenient that is.

Once you talk to a towing company, they will send the next available truck to your location. You got places to go to, so they work to arrive as fast as they can.

All of the community tow drivers has had good training. Their first concern is always your safety and the proper care of your vehicle. And present day trucks are clean and sophisticated.

Towing companies are expected to carefully observe certain Washington and Seattle laws and regulations. Drivers have to know these rules well.

A few issues are likely to get fixed – bring some gas, jump start a battery, replace a bad tire, open a locked car – but your operator may need to pick up and carry an auto which has a bigger mechanical trouble.

Emergency Towing Service On Mercer Island

If an accident or technical trouble has you sitting along the edge of the road or in a parking lot, a nearby tow operator can safely pick up your vehicle and take it where it should be.

Community tow drivers understand how much you like your car. They’ll handle each part of the process cautiously so your car or truck is never scraped or damaged.

My Car On Mercer Island Has a Dead Battery

Car or truck not starting? Is it not making any sound at all when you hit the start button?

Your towing service will connect a working battery to your dead one and then your car should start instantly.

However, if the car still won’t start while he has the supplemental battery hooked up to it, then the problem is with another component. In that case, he’ll then load up and transport your vehicle to a repair shop who will identify and repair the true problem.

Have Gas Brought to Your Stranded Car

Running out of gas is an easily avoidable predicament, but it still happens to many of us once in a great while.

Your tow operator normally has extra gas, so he’ll just give you enough so you can reach the gas station and get filled up.

I Got a Flat Tire

An individual can often deal with a flat tire right on the spot. If your spare tire is fully inflated and your vehicle is sitting in a good, safe spot, you may be able to take off the flat tire and put on the spare tire. Then you’re on your way.

There are other situations when you will learn you can’t put your spare on and instead need to tow your car someplace else to have the tire taken off and serviced or upgraded.

Locked Out of Car

A lot of us have accidentally shut the trunk with our keys in it or found another way to lock our keys inside our vehicle.

A car lock-out service specialist has several instruments, experience and training with getting a locked door to open up. It requires a little effort and a bit of luck, but they will usually get a door open.

Want to Set Up a Future Tow?

If you have a vehicle that needs body or mechanical work before it can be driven, why not schedule a day and time for a tow truck to come out and pick it up. They will move it to any shop or garage you like.

Is there another person’s car or truck sitting on your property? Want it taken care of but don’t know how to get it done? Speak to a towing company.

Your Towing Service In King County

The goal of any tow service is to either place you and your vehicle on the road right away, or transfer your car someplace where it can end up repaired.

If you have a mechanical issue that makes your vehicle undriveable, you can get it hauled anywhere you want it to go. But if you don’t know where to take it, your driver should have the names of a few local shops.

If you received physical damage from an accident, it’s possible you have already spoken with an insurance rep who has told you where to have your car taken to.

If you haven’t been instructed where to bring your car to yet, and you don’t have a preferred body shop, your driver is able to provide a few recommendations based upon what kind of vehicle you have and what the damage is.

Not Carrying Cash Today?

Almost all car owners pay with their credit card. No problem.

You can get the details about the set rates on the phone when you call.

Getting To You Fast

Most, if not all, service vehicles are usually out handling other motorists when you call. The dispatcher can take your name and location and gets the next available truck to go to your location at the earliest opportunity.

Your tow driver will do everything he can to get to you fast. He surely recognizes that being stuck in a parking area or at the roadside is no fun.

Can Somebody Make it To Your Location?

If your vehicle is in east Seattle or west Bellevue, somebody can in all likelihood provide a little help.

A few of the locations vehicle owners are helped in include most of King County, especially the 98040 zip code.


Typical Service Area

Call if you’re stranded between Seattle and Bellevue, such as the 98040 zip code area.


Service on the Island

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