Lakewood WA Towing Company

Got a problem with your vehicle? Need a little help?

Pierce County has plenty of tow truck services. Plus they got drivers too. You just need to call one.

Washington Motorists Call for These Problems:

  • Need a tow in Frederickson area? Just Call.
  • Dead battery? Get your auto going.
  • Out of fuel? Some is on the way.
  • Have a flat tire? Get it changed or be hauled somewhere.
  • Keys locked in your car? Get it opened.

Call Somebody You Can Trust

If you drive around a lot, you’ve probably seen these local trucks in action motorists around the city.

Find a helpful company whose mission is to get drivers back on the road quick and safe.

Most motorists will need roadside assistance one or two times in their life. When you need help, someone is ready to help.

Why Call a Professional

Passenger Car Being Transported to a Mechanic

We know that bad feeling of not being able to just get in our car and go somewhere.

Once you call a towing service, the next available driver in the area will be headed your way. There’s no assurance how fast he will get there, but he will do his best to reduce your wait.

Tow operators in Lakewood drive the newest and cleanest trucks. And the operators perform their jobs carefully and expertly.

There are written safety and procedure guidelines that Parkland or Spanaway tow companies are supposed to abide by. Seasoned local tow operators fully understand and observe these regulations.

In most cases, the challenge a stranded motorist is experiencing requires that someone tow the car or truck. At times, they can correct the problem immediately. Some of these problems involve dead batteries, flat tires or being locked out of the car.

Emergency Road Side Towing near Lakewood

After you call, somebody will come to wherever you are, gently pick up your car or truck, haul it and drop it off at the body shop or mechanic of your choosing.

Your truck driver will take care of your car with respect. He will pick it up, haul it and drop it off as carefully and as securely as he can.

Dead Car Battery Jump Start

Vehicle not starting up? No lights come on or they are really dim? Quite likely a dead battery.

Once your tow driver hooks his charger battery up to yours, the car should turn on at once. Then, as it runs, the engine will charge the battery again to the full amount.

If your car or truck still does not start up while he is boosting it, your trouble could be a different element of the starter system. If that happens, he will just take your car to where it should go to get repaired.

Hey I Ran Out of Gas

Despite the fact that running out of gas is easily avoidable, it can still happen.

Your tow operator always carries additional gasoline, so he’ll just give you enough so you can get to the gas station and get filled up.

Repair a Flat Tire Near South Tacoma

If your car has a flat tire issue, it’s possible somebody can deal with it right at your location. If your vehicle has a good and properly inflated spare, and your car is in a safe and secure spot, you might be able to just swap your spare for your flat and keep going on your way.

Sometimes a vehicle does not carry a safe spare in the trunk, or maybe the car is parked in a risky location, so your operator will decide to load it up and tow it to a nearby tire store or repair garage.

Car Unlocking

It’s fairly normal to lock your keys in your car. Many times, you’ll have access to your second set of keys, but sometimes you won’t.

There can be a small number of options for getting into most locked vehicles. Car unlocking requires a specific tool and a little bit of experience, but it can usually be achieved.

Just want to Plan a Tow for Some Other Time?

Have you got a vehicle you want to take someplace, but it probably won’t make it there on its own? Just plan a day and time to move it.

Are people parking their vehicles on your property or hindering access to your property? Want to find out what you can do? Get your phone when you have a few minutes.

Who Provides Towing Services Near Lakewood and McChord AFB?

When the tow truck gets to you, your driver will either pick up and take your vehicle to a good place where it could get serviced, or will work to have it back on the road right away.

When you have a engine issue but you don’t know which repair center would be the good option to take it to be worked on. Your driver will know some good and inexpensive mechanics.

If your car was in a collision, someone at an insurance company might have talked about where you should take it to get straightened out.

If you have not been counseled as to where to take you vehicle, you can just leave it anywhere you want. Your truck operator may offer a suggestion if you want some advice.

I Haven’t Got Enough Cash

No cash. No problem. Tow drivers receive credit cards.

What you’re looking for is good service performed at low cost.

The Quicker You Call – The Faster Someone Gets On the Way

When you call, most trucks are usually assisting other vehicle owners around the city. When your call arrives, you are scheduled in line to be helped next.

Waiting for a tow truck to show up isn’t much fun. Your tow driver understands that. He will do his best to lessen your waiting time.

Service in Your Car’s Location

Drivers service much of north Pierce County and most of Tacoma.

You can view service vehicles in local neighborhoods such as Lakewood, Spanaway, Frederickson, Parkland, McChord AFB and the Pacific Lutheran University area, plus the 98467, 98387, 98499, 98439, 98498 and 98497 zip codes.


Typical Service Area

Call if you’re stranded anywhere down by Tacoma, in areas such as Lakewood, Frederickson, McChord AFB, Pacific Lutheran University, Parkland, Spanaway or the zip codes of 98439, 98497, 98498, 98499, 98387 or 98467.


Trusted Tow Teams

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