Highland Park WA Towing Service

Stranded away from home because of a car issue?

There is probably a truck and a driver close by. Why not call.

King County Motorists Need These Services

  • Need a tow near High Point or Roxhill? Just Call.
  • Dead car battery? Get your auto going.
  • Out of gasoline? Some is on the way.
  • Got a flat tire? Get it swapped out or get towed somewhere to get it taken care of.
  • Keys locked in your car? Get it opened.

About Emergency Road Services

Maybe you’ve seen these local trucks out on the highway before.

Connect with one of the finest and most dependable tow companies on the road around South Seattle.

If you need some assistance with your vehicle, someone can help you out too.

Why Call a Professional

This car broke down on I-5 and is going to the mechanic

If you’re unable to get your vehicle running and get to where you want to go, we all know how maddening that is.

Just after the tow company dispatcher talks with you, they will send their next available truck and operator to your location.

The majority of local tow drivers have ample work experience. They place you and your car’s well-being above all else. Plus the trucks they work from are new and clean.

There are regional and municipal regulations that local towing companies are meant to follow. All operators know and abide by all these guidelines.

Generally, the problem that a stranded motorist is having requires that someone tow the car or truck. Sometimes, they can repair the problem immediately. A few of these issues involve flat tires, dead batteries or being locked out of the car.

Full Service Emergency Towing near Highland Park and Riverview

Technical issues and accidents can easily make a car or truck unsafe to operate. Your tow service will load up and deliver it to whatever auto mechanic or bodyshop you want.

Your truck operator will deal with your car with respect. He will pick it up, haul it and drop it off as carefully and as securely as he can.

South Delridge or Highland Park Car Battery Jump Starting

Thinking you have a dead battery? It happens more often now with these new cars and their electronics. If you don’t get any sound at all when you try and start it, it’s probably a bad battery.

If someone attaches a good battery to your dead one, your car or truck should start up. Once it’s running, your weak battery will get recharged by the engine.

There are times a jump start will not correct the situation. When this happens, the problem is typically not with the battery, but with some other part of the starter mechanism. When this occurs, you will have to transport the vehicle to a repair shop.

Out of Gas Near South Park or High Point

It really shouldn’t occur, but it does. We neglect the gas gauge and we run out of gas. It happens.

Your tow operator has spare fuel right on his truck, so he will merely add a little in your tank and you can drive off to the nearest gas station.

One of My Tires is Flat

If you are out of commission due to a flat tire, there are a couple of options. If the scenario allows it, you might be able to take off your bad tire and place on your good spare.

There are times, however, when the car doesn’t have a good, inflated spare, or the vehicle is resting someplace where it would be unsafe to work on it, then your operator will have to tow the car to a tire shop.

I Locked My Keys Inside My Car

When you’re locked out of your car, a car locksmith can usually get you back in.

A car locksmith knows how to get into many locked vehicles. Tow drivers are shown many of the same strategies. They have the instruction and the proper tools to be able to get into most locked cars.

Not an Emergency Issue – Just Set up a Tow for Another Day

If you have a car that requires mechanical or body work before it can be driven, why not plan a day and time for a tow vehicle to drive by and pick it up. They will transfer it to whichever shop or repair garage you like.

Is someone parking their vehicles at your place or obstructing access to your property? Want to find out what you can do about it? Get your phone when you’ve got a couple of minutes.

Your Towing Service In Highland Park or South Seattle

The mission of a tow service is to haul your vehicle where it should be in order to be fixed, or to perform what is needed to get you back on your way fast.

If your car isn’t safe to drive, you can carry it to whichever repair garage or mechanic you want to fix it. If you don’t know where to have it taken to, your operator might have a recommendation or two.

When your vehicle has damage to it, an insurance company may give you some guidance regarding where to take it.

If some insurance claims adjuster hasn’t advised you where to bring your car yet, your tow driver could recommend a couple of body repair shops which he knows do decent work.

No Cash?

No cash today? Tow drivers take all major credit cards.

You can find reliable towing throughout the metro area.

Get a Tow Truck to Your Location

Most King County service trucks are typically out around the city helping other vehicle owners when you call. After you call, the dispatcher places your name and location on the list to get helped out at the earliest opportunity.

If you’re locked out or not able to get your car started, your driver recognizes how you need to get the problem fixed quick. He will do whatever he can to get to you quickly.

Drivers Working in Your Area of Seattle?

Drivers routinely get to many sections of south of downtown including Highland Park, Riverview, South Delridge, High Point, Roxhill, South Park and the 98126, 98108 or 98106 zips.


Typical Service Area

Call if you’re stranded south of Seattle, such as in Highland Park, Riverview, South Delridge, High Point, Roxhill, South Park or the 98126, 98108 or 98106 zip codes.


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