Green Lake and Fremont WA Towing Service

Is your day being ruined by a car issue?

There is quite possibly a tow truck and a driver nearby. Why not call.

This is What Towing Companies Do Around Western Washington:

  • Need a tow near Wallingford? Just Call.
  • Dead battery? Get your auto going.
  • Out of gas? A gallon or two can be on the way.
  • Have a flat tire? Get it replaced or get hauled somewhere.
  • Keys locked in your vehicle? Get it opened.

Speediest Tow in the City

If you drive around much, you’ve probably seen these trucks helping out motorists around the city.

Find the nicest and speediest tow service in north Seattle. Tow truck operators aren’t always perfect, but they have a hard job and they try hard.

If you’re having problems with your car right now, your local tow company will do whatever they can to help you as quick as possible.

A Local Truck and Driver is Ready When You Need Some Help

Car stopped working on the highway

If your car is stranded along a roadside or in a parking lot, we all understand your irritation.

After you phone, your local dispatcher will begin attempting to get the next ready driver sent to your location.

Our city’s tow operators drive a sophisticated, clean truck plus they have all the necessary equipment and tools. They make certain to place you, them and your vehicle’s safety above any other issue.

In Seattle and Washington State, there are regulations tow drivers are supposed to consider. Local drivers must follow all the legal and safety guidelines.

When a tow driver reaches you, he will work on whatever it takes to put you on the road again. Or he can move your car to the right place to be fixed.

Emergency Towing Service near Fremont and Woodland Park Zoo

In case you are stranded because of a mechanical issue or auto accident, someone can meet you on the street or in the parking area where you are. They will get your car running again, or will carefully take it to where you want it to be.

Area towing companies make certain their operators are careful and courteous. They will look after your car or truck with care so it doesn’t get damaged in any way.

All Hours Battery Jump Start Near Fremont and Green Lake

Vehicle not starting? No lights coming on or are really dim? Probably a dead battery.

If your tow driver can get access to your weak battery and clamp his battery up to it, he will probably be able to jumpstart it and get the motor going. Then, while you drive around, the weak battery will recharge.

If your operator can’t start your vehicle by jumpstarting the battery, maybe your battery isn’t the real issue. He can’t repair a mechanical issue out by the side of the road, so he will need to tow you and your car somewhere where a good mechanic can diagnose and fix your issue.

Are You Out of Gas?

Keeping fuel in our gasoline tank isn’t a hard task, but it’s relatively easy to run out of gasoline when you’re busy and distracted with other things.

If you are sitting and waiting somewhere because your gas tank is on empty, a tow company might be ready to drop by wherever you are and add in what you need to make it to the station.

One of My Tires is Flat

If the conditions are right, a person may be able to change out your bad tire with your spare one.

There are other instances when you will learn you can’t put your spare on and instead need to move your car somewhere else to have the bad tire taken off and repaired or swapped out.

Locked Out – Car Unlocking Service

It’s fairly easy to mistakenly lock your keys in your car or in your trunk.

There can be a few methods for getting into many locked automobiles. Car unlocking requires a specific tool and a little bit of skill, but it normally can be achieved.

Set an Arrangement for a Future Tow

If you’ve got a truck or car which isn’t running, and you want to get it repaired, you can schedule a day and time for somebody to come over and haul it to whatever repair shop you want.

If there is a vehicle parked on your property that isn’t yours, there are limits about what you can do. Why not learn about your options?

Your Towing Service Near Fremont and Wallingford

The goal of any tow company will be to either place you and your car on the highway right away, or to take your auto someplace where it will end up fixed.

If you have some mechanical issue that makes your vehicle unable to drive, you can get it towed anywhere you need it to go. But if you don’t know where you should take it, your tow operator should have a few recommendations.

The same principle relates to body damage. If your car is dented or damaged because of an accident, either your own insurance agency or the other driver’s insurance adjuster may advise you to take it to a specific body shop.

If some claims adjuster hasn’t directed you about where you should take your car yet, your driver can suggest a few body shops which he has heard do good work.

No Cash?

No cash today? Tow operators take most major credit cards.

You can receive a general estimate on price when you call.

Call a Tow Truck Dispatcher

When the service dispatcher receives your call, they place your name and location as the next in line to get helped. Most trucks are out helping out other car owners in Western King County right now.

Your tow operator will do what he can to trim your waiting time. He understands sitting and waiting for a tow is not enjoyable.

What Parts of Seattle Do Trucks Support?

Drivers go to many areas of north and central Seattle.

A few of the areas motorists are helped in include Fremont, Green Lake, Wallingford, Woodland Park Zoo and the 98103, 98105, 98107 and 98115 zips.


Typical Service Area

Call if you’re stranded in the central area of Seattle, such as Fremont, Green Lake, Wallingford, Woodland Park Zoo and the 98103, 98105, 98107 and 98115 zips.


Wrecker on the Job on I-5

Touch to Call!