Federal Way WA Towing Service

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There could be a tow truck with a trained driver not far away. They can help.

Here’s What Towing Services Do Around Western Washington:

  • 24 hour towing throughout Lakeland North
  • Gas delivery – deliver some gas when you’re on empty
  • Car locksmith service – open a locked car
  • Jump start your car – jump your battery and get it started
  • Flat tire replace – when you have a spare tire

About Emergency Road Services

If you spend any time driving around the city, you might have noticed one of these trucks along the side of the road before.

Choose the most helpful towing company here in south King County.

Most of us experience a car crisis once in a while. If you have one, it’s easy to organize a remedy.

When You Need Help On The Highway – Make the Call

Vehicle Being Hauled to a Mechanic

If you can’t get your car moving and get where you have to go, we understand how difficult that is.

No one wants to sit in a parking area or by the side of the road watching for their tow truck to arrive, so your tow service does anything they can to cut down on your waiting time.

You will see that the trucks are usually big and somewhat noisy, but they’re pretty clean and modern too. The operators always work carefully and carefully with your auto.

Local drivers understand and observe all Washington and city laws and regulations.

Your roadside tow driver will attempt to solve whatever issue you are having – car won’t start, flat tire, out of gas, or keys are locked inside. If he cannot solve your situation, he will carefully winch it up and transport it somewhere where it will be fixed.

Fast Emergency Towing in Federal Way and Tacoma

Mechanical issues and accidents can make a car or truck hazardous to drive. Your tow service will come to your location and load up and take it to whatever garage or bodyshop you like.

When your tow operator arrives to secure, move and unload your vehicle, he treats it carefully. He is trained to behave like it’s his own car.

After Hours Battery Jump Start Near Federal Way

Unable to get your car or truck to start? Not making any noise at all when you try to start it up? Quite likely a dead battery.

Generally, a lot of cars should start as soon as you clamp a fully charged battery up to the dead one. After that, as the car is being driven, the engine will charge up the battery.

If your driver can’t get your car started by jumping the battery, then maybe the battery is not the problem. He probably can’t repair a mechanical situation out on the road, so he will need to haul you and your car somewhere where a reliable mechanic can diagnose and fix your real problem.

Gas Tank on Empty

Keeping gas in our fuel tank isn’t really a difficult job, but it’s not that difficult to run out of gasoline when we’re busy and distracted with other things.

Of course, it is the quickest trouble to solve. Your driver always has spare gasoline on his truck. He can give you enough for you to get to the gas station and get filled up.

Flat Tire Repair Near Dash Point and Lakeland North

When someone has a flat tire, you may be in a position to raise up the vehicle right on the spot, remove the bad tire and put on the spare one.

In some situations, you won’t be able to use your spare tire, so you will need to tow your vehicle to the mechanic or tire store of your choosing.

Car Locksmith

When you lock your keys inside your car and you don’t have use of your extra set, it’s pretty hard to go anywhere.

An experienced tow operator will usually get into many types of cars and trucks. Operators are coached how to do this with the specialized tools they carry in their truck.

Like to Arrange a Tow for Some Other Time?

Do you own a car or truck that isn’t driveable? Need to have it towed somewhere to be repaired? You can schedule a date to do that.

Is there some vehicle parked on your property that you wish was not there? If you don’t own it, do you know what you are able to do? Call and discuss it.

Who Will Be Your Federal Way Towing Service?

Your driver’s job is to either get you back in your vehicle and put your vehicle back on the road, or hoist it up and bring it to a mechanic or garage where it can be fixed.

A lot of folks haven’t needed to have their car or truck at a repair shop recently, so they may not know where to take their car to get fixed up. In those situations, you can talk to your truck operator for some ideas.

If your car has physical damage to it, an insurance company representative may give you some instructions as to where they want you to drop it off.

If nobody has advised you where you should have your vehicle delivered to, your friendly driver has heard of a few good body shops.

Left the House Without Any Cash?

It’s not a problem if you don’t have cash. Tow drivers can accept your credit card.

You will find simple, upfront prices. Get very good service at a low cost.

Fastest Tow Company in Northeast Tacoma

When you call, your name and location is set up for the next available truck to get dispatched to where you are.

Your vehicle driver will try to meet you as fast as he can because he realizes being stuck sitting in a parking lot or by the side of a road is no fun.

Can Someone Reach Your Location?

If your car or truck is between Tacoma and Seattle, you can schedule a tow promptly.

You can see trucks working in neighborhoods such as Federal Way, Dash Point, Lakeland North, and the 98003, 98063, 98001, 98023 and 98093 zip codes.


Typical Service Area

Call if you’re stranded anywhere between Seattle and Tacoma, in areas such as Federal Way, Lakeland North, Dash Point, or the zip codes of 98003, 98023, 98063, 98093 or 98001.


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