Central District and Leschi WA Towing Company

Is a car issue ruining your day?

One or more emergency tow trucks with an experienced operator are often not far away.

Seattle Drivers Frequently Have to Solve These Troubles:

  • 24/7 towing around Madrona
  • Boosting a dead battery
  • Car unlocking for when you lock your keys in the car
  • Flat tire changing
  • Gas delivery when you run out of gas

Locally Owned and Operated

If you spend any time driving around our city, you have probably noticed one of these trucks before.

Check out the nicest and speediest tow service in central King County. Tow truck operators aren’t perfect, but they try hard.

If you can’t get the car going, just call someone to help. They do their best to get to your car quick.

When You Need Urgent Vehicle Assistance

Mechanical work and repairs coming up

We know that being bogged down in some parking lot, off to the side of the road, or even in your own driveway, can be a pain in the butt. And it often seems to happen when you’re in a hurry.

Your tow driver works to get to every support call as soon as possible.

Our city’s tow operators operate a modern, clean truck and they bring all the required tools and equipment. They make certain to place you, them and your car’s safety above any other concern.

There are regulations that Seattle towing companies have to observe. All local tow drivers know and follow all local regulations.

Your emergency tow driver will attempt to fix whatever difficulty you have – flat tire, car won’t start, out of gas, keys are locked inside. If he cannot correct your problem, he will gently load it up and transport it someplace where it can be repaired.

Road Side Service Towing Near Central District

If your car or truck is not safe enough to drive, get a tow company to winch it up and transport it to whatever body shop or mechanic you like.

Hometown tow operators will treat your car like it’s their own car. They’ll load it up, carry it and drop it off as diligently as they can.

Jump Start My Battery Near Central District or Atlantic

Have you arrived at your car or truck only to discover a dead battery? Don’t lock your doors if your battery is practically dead and your locks are completely electronic. You don’t want to be locked out of your car.

Once your driver hooks his charger battery up to yours, your car should turn on at once. Then, while the motor runs, the motor will charge the battery again to the appropriate amount.

There can be instances when the condition is actually not the battery. During these situations, jump starting the battery won’t help. Your driver will need to pick the vehicle up and transport it to a car repair shop for evaluating.

Need a Little Gas?

It happens to a lot of us one time. We somehow run out of gas.

If you are stuck someplace and you can’t find a friend that can bring you some fuel quick, a tow company is ready to bring you enough to help you make it to the gas station.

My Car Has a Flat Tire

If the conditions are right, someone may be able to exchange out your flat tire with your spare one.

Not all cars have a practical spare tire. And frequently cars get flat tires in places where it can be hazardous to try and jack up and change a tire, so your driver might decide to haul a vehicle to a tire retailer in those situations.

Locked Out of Car

A lot of us have locked our keys in the car at one time or another. Sometimes they are left behind in the ignition, other times on the seat or they can even be left in the trunk while we are putting something into it.

Tow operators can get inside most locked autos. They’ve got particular tools and they have some experience doing it, so they are often effective at cracking open most cars.

Don’t Need an Emergency Tow – Just Want to Arrange One for Later?

If you own a car or truck that requires body or mechanical work before it can be driven, you could schedule a day and time for a tow truck to drive over and pick it up. They will transfer it to whichever shop or repair garage you like.

Is there a vehicle on your property that shouldn’t be there? Are unsure who the owner is or can’t get it taken care of? Find out what the policies are in your part of the city.

Towing Company Near Central District in Seattle

Once the driver comes to where you are, he will start to move your vehicle to a destination where it will get fixed, or perhaps he will be in a position to fix the problem right there.

Even if you may take your car to any shop you want, sometimes people don’t really know where to take their car. In these cases, your driver might suggest a couple of spots if you want him to.

If you’ve been involved in an accident, and your vehicle has been damaged enough so you cannot drive it, the insurance company which will be paying off the repairs will often ask you to take the car to one of a few certain repair places.

If nobody has guided you where you should have your car delivered to, your driver will know of some decent body shops.

Too Little Cash on You?

Of course tow drivers accept most credit cards. No problem.

The pricing is normally simple to grasp. There are established fees for each service and charges for each mile towed.

Getting To Your Location Fast is a Top Priority

After you call, your name and location is placed for the first available truck and driver to be dispatched to where you are.

Your vehicle operator will get to your location as fast as he is able to. If you are locked out or stranded in some parking lot or at the side of a highway, everyone understands your situation.

Is There a Tow Truck in your Neighborhood?

One can find trucks on assignment in many parts of King County.

You may observe service vehicles working in local communities such as Central District, Atlantic, Leschi, Madrona and the zip codes of 98122, 98112 and 98144.


Typical Service Area

Call if you’re stranded in the central area of Seattle, such as the Central District, Atlantic, Leschi, or Madrona areas or the zip codes of 98122, 98112 and 98144.


Wrecker on the Job on I-5

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