Burien Towing Service

Got a problem with your car? Need some help?

One of the city’s better tow trucks and a driver are probably not too far away.

South Seattle Motorists Frequently Need to Solve These Issues:

  • Need a tow? Just Call.
  • Dead battery? Get your vehicle started.
  • Out of gas? Some is on the way.
  • Have a flat tire? Have it swapped out or get hauled somewhere to get it taken care of.
  • Keys locked in your car? Get it opened.

About Your Local Company

If you drive around much, you have probably seen these local trucks in action motorists around the city.

Get connected to what could be the nicest, fastest tow in town.

If you can’t get the car going, just call someone to help. They’ll do their best to get to your car quick.

When Your Vehicle Needs Help On The Highway – Make the Call

Vehicle Being Brought to a Mechanic

You don’t need the largest towing service in town, just one that strives to be one of the best.

Once you talk to a local dispatcher, they are going to advise the next available driver in your neighborhood to drive over to your location.

The majority of our city’s tow drivers have ample work experience. They put you and your vehicle’s health and safety above all else. Plus the vehicles they drive are current and clean.

Washington and individual cities have regulations which towing operators are expected to follow. Your driver will know and comply with each guideline.

As soon as a tow driver gets to you, he will work on whatever it takes to get you on the highway again. Or he could move your vehicle to the right place to get it fixed.

Emergency Road Side Towing in Burien

When you are out of commission by the edge of the road or in some parking lot due to a mechanical problem or accident, you can get someone who will transport your disabled vehicle to where it can get fixed.

Neighborhood towing services make sure their operators are careful and well-mannered. They will take on your car or truck carefully so that it does not get damaged in any way.

24 Hour Battery Jump Start in Burien

Thinking you have a dead battery? Car or truck will not start? Doesn’t make any noise at all as you try to start it?

You will usually get your car started by attaching a good battery to your dead one. And once you have it running, your battery will get fully charged up as you drive around.

Having said that, if your vehicle does not start when he has the supplemental battery clamped on to it, then the problem is probably something different. And then he’ll pick up and move your car to a repair shop who will diagnose and fix it.

Run Out of Fuel?

It happens to a lot of us once. We somehow happen to run out of gas.

If you’re stuck someplace because your gas tank is on empty, a tow company might be happy to visit wherever you are and pour in the gas you need.

Fixing a Flat Tire

It feels like everybody gets a flat tire at least once. In some cases, you just take off the bad one and put your spare tire on and get you back on your way.

Not every car will have a proper spare tire, so you may be unable to change your bad one. You’ll have to have your auto hauled to the tire shop or repair shop of your choosing.

Opening Up My Locked Car

With the newer electronic locks, it’s becoming more difficult to lock your keys in your car, but it still happens. Having them slide into the trunk is one common experience.

Tow operators can get inside a good number of locked autos. They’ve got specific tools and they have enough knowledge doing it, so they are often productive at cracking open most cars.

Want to Set Up a Future Tow?

If you have a car that requires mechanical or body work before it can be driven, you could arrange a date and time for a truck to come over and pick it up. They will haul it to whichever shop or repair center you like.

Is there somebody else’s car sitting on your property? Want it taken care of but don’t know how to get it done? Consult a towing service.

Your Highline Towing Company

Once your tow truck arrives at your car, your operator’s job is to either put you inside your vehicle and get you back on the highway, or haul your vehicle someplace it can be repaired.

If a engine problem is hindering your vehicle from being driven on the road, you can move it to the auto technician or repair garage you like. If you are uncertain where you want to take it, your driver might give you a couple recommendations.

But if your car was dented or damaged in an accident, an insurance adjuster is likely to propose a body shop they would like you to use. Sometimes they require you use one of them.

In case you are not told where you should take it, and you have no preferences, your truck operator may endorse a couple of body shops which he has heard good opinions about.

I Don’t Have Any Cash

Your tow driver takes most credit cards. That’s how most motorists pay.

Costs are relatively easy and upfront. Simply inquire when you call if you want.

The Quicker You Call – The Earlier You Get Served

After you call, you have your name placed in line to get serviced next. Each truck is commonly driving around assisting other WA car owners most of the time.

If you can’t just get in your car and go, your tow operator knows you want to get your problem resolved. He is going to try to make it to your location as soon as possible.

Can a Tow Service Get to Your Area?

There are a variety of emergency tow assignments in King County.

You can observe service trucks servicing neighborhoods such as Seahurst and Highland areas.


Typical Service Area

Call if your car is in one of these areas: Seahurst, Highland or Burien.


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