Auburn WA Towing Service

Stranded by the side of a road or in some parking lot?

One of the city’s tow trucks and its driver are probably not very far away.

What Tow Operators Do for Drivers Around Western Washington:

  • Round-the-clock towing throughout Seattle-Tacoma
  • Gas delivery – bring you some gas when you’re running on empty
  • Auto locksmith service – open up a locked car
  • Jump start your car – jump your battery and get it started
  • Flat tire change – if you have a spare tire

Reasonably priced and Reliable

You may have already spotted these local trucks around town assisting other motorists with their vehicle problems.

A tow company’s main business is to help out motorists when they need some help. They try to generate the quickest assistance possible. Plus they try to be nice too.

If you get a disabled vehicle or some other trouble, someone will help you out too.

Help You Find Your Local Service

Vehicle Being Transported to a Mechanic

If you’re in a position where you either cannot get in your car or truck or you can’t start it and make it go, everybody knows how inconvenient that is.

We know the way time seems to go so slow when you’re stuck with a car that won’t run. As soon as the towing company dispatcher talks to you, the next available driver will be sent to your location.

Your driver is going to be well-mannered and have lots of experience with diverse circumstances. Their truck is modern and kept pretty clean and tidy.

In the metro area, there are rules tow drivers are meant to consider. Local drivers need to observe all the legal and safety rules.

In a few instances, your tow operator will take care of the problem right where the motorist is. They can replace a flat tire, start a dead battery, open a locked vehicle or provide some gas. But most circumstances calls for the driver to pick up and tow the vehicle somewhere.

Low Cost Towing in Auburn and Algona

If you are taking up space in a parking area or alongside a road somewhere because you have a mechanical difficulty, someone will carefully move your car to where it can get fixed.

Nobody is more careful with your car than your tow driver. He acts as if your vehicle is his own car.

Dead Battery Jump Start Near Auburn or Pacific

Fairly certain you have a dead battery? If your car doesn’t produce any sound when you attempt to start it, it’s probably a dead battery.

You can connect a strong battery to your empty one and your car should start up right away.

Now and then, however, a car won’t start even though it is being jumped, so that implies the problem is with some other component. In those cases, he will have to load up and take the vehicle to a mechanic or garage and they will figure out the problem.

I am Out of Gas

Lots of people have almost run out of gas once before. It usually only happens once though.

If you are stranded someplace and you can’t get hold of a good friend that can bring you some gas quick, a tow company will be happy to deliver enough to help you make it to the gas station.

Replacing a Flat Tire Near Auburn or Emerald Downs

Flat tires just happen. In many cases, someone may take off your flat one and replace it with your spare tire, if your spare is properly inflated and ready to go.

Sometimes a car or truck does not have a workable spare in the trunk, or the vehicle is in a hazardous location, so the operator will decide to tow it to a good tire retailer.

I’m Locked Out of My Car

Are you locked out of your car or truck? Can’t get your hands on your extra set easily?

Tow truck drivers bring special car unlocking tools that they use to open up your locked vehicle. In certain cases the operation is harder than other times. However they will usually get the project done and get it unlocked.

Schedule a Tow Near South Seattle

If there is a car parked in your driveway which isn’t driveable and you want it repaired, why don’t you schedule a time to have someone come over and cart it for you?

If for whatever reason there is a car on your property that should not be there, a tow company can talk to you about your choices.

Your Seattle Towing Company

The job of your towing service is to get you and your vehicle back on the road or to take your car to a place where it can get fixed.

If you’ve got an engine problem, but you don’t have a regular mechanic you have used before and trust, your operator will be able to list a couple for you.

If you can’t drive your car because of physical damage caused by an accident, the liable insurance company will usually have advice on where they want you to take the car to.

If you don’t have a body repair shop in mind yet, your truck operator might offer a testimonial or two. He has delivered lots of vehicles in the past. He probably knows which shops are the most common.

There’s No Cash in My Wallet

Towing companies routinely accept credit cards. No cash needed.

You can get reliable towing all around the metro area.

The Sooner You Call – The Faster Someone is On the Way

Most, if not all, service vehicles are usually out tending to other car owners when you call. The service dispatcher takes your name and location and gets the next available truck to go to your location as quickly as possible.

If you’re locked out of your car or struggling to get your car going, your operator knows how you need to get your situation fixed fast. He will do whatever he can to meet you quickly.

What Sections of South Seattle Can You Get Service To?

Tow drivers get assigned out all around South King County.

Individuals are often helped often in Auburn, Algona, Pacific, Emerald Downs and the 98001, 98002, 98047, 98071 and 98092 zips.


Typical Service Area

Call if you’re stranded south of Seattle, north of Tacoma, near Algona, Emerald Downs, Pacific or in the 98092, 98001, 98071, 98002 or 98047 zip codes.


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